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Good Business Ideas

I’m sometimes asked for “good business ideas”, which supprises me and I find interesting, after all who wants advice on a bad business idea? The question then should be "how do you know if you have a good business idea?"

We know from experience and others tell us that there are a great number of things that make a good business idea:

The hardest one is finding something new and innovative with a demand!

We are told there should be a unique selling point (USP) to the project or the innovation must have copy protection - patent or other.

Obviously there must be a way of delivering the 'goods' to the market!

You should be entering a new market or the exhisting market should not be saturated to the point that there is little or no potential to develop.

You must be able to offer true competition to others in an exhisting market on at least one of the following - price, quality, speed of delivery, esthetic value, [more]

The present competition are ineffective, not ready, unable to compete, unaware of potential customers or non-existent!

The financial barrier to entry is too high for competition to enter.

There must be potential to make a realistic return on your financial and time investment within reasonable time-scales.

You must have the resources and skills to develop the product or service.

Innovation within a business can take the forms of:

A wholly new product, solving a particular problem or providing a new benefit to customers or clients.

A new business model through a new way of doing business, partnerships, financial arrangements, franchises or the like.

Taking a different market positioning through branding, marketing strategy, business sector focus or customer targeting.

A different approach or process in the manufacturing, route to market, packaging or operating model.

You don't have to be the prime moverin a new market to be successfull but it may help. A case in point here is that Google was a fast follower.

At the same time no one is going to beat a path to your door no matter if you have covered all the bases above.

You do need a reasonable personal physical and mental health and fitness to endure in any business.

Only you can move things forward.

You and only you can make your business a successs.

So if you don't know anything about marketing, can't communicate with people, have no confidence in yourself or your product then you will have to develop those skills somehow.

Good luck.

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