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MLM Leads - The One Minute Presentation to convert MLM leads

If you're looking for prospects for your MLM business from leads and you seem to waste lots of time on time wasters then try this.

Best done face to face

"I can give a complete business presentation but that will take me a whole minute! - When will you have a whole spare minute?"

We can accept that people (MLM leads) need to have 3 questions answered in order to make an intelligent decision about whether to join your business - And that is (for the UWDC say):

"If you want to earn an extra £500.00p per month you need to do these 4 things -


First of all, don't change. Just continue recommending and promoting things like you always have done, like favourite CD's, restaurants, films, TV programmes or whatever.


We are in the utility business, which means we have really cheap services, like landline, mobile, internet and the cheapest gas and electricity in the UK.


All you have to do is fill out a simple form, and all that happens is you get the same services you always have, they work exactly the same, except the bill is smaller.


Then all you have to do is get about 20 people to fill out that simple 1 page form, so they can get a smaller bill too.


And, sometime in your lifetime, find a couple of people who take the business as seriously as you do, in your own time - 1 a month, i a year, 1 a decade and you can earn an extra £500.00p per month.


The rest is up to you.


And that's it.

If you want to develop your own new Utility Warehouse Discount Club business in the UK, then either contact your nearest Utility Warehouse Discount Club Affiliate above or join online HERE

Only by trying the Utility Warehouse Discount Club products that you are likely to continue using yourself will you be able to evaluate the, effect, value and agreeability of 'any product'. Once you are happy and confident with the particular Utility Warehouse Discount Club products you have settled on using you have established yourself as your own best customer, thereby being in a position to be able to recommend those Utility Warehouse Discount Club products onward to friends, family and acquaintances locally or around the UK, with confidence, making it less of an effort to build your new business. For instance everyone seems to have something good to say about the Gas and Electricity prices. Try the UWDC as a customer and see what it does for you, if it does anything to improve your personal wealth, pass it on!

If you cant get in touch with a local distributor, never fear you can become a customer online HERE.


Welcome from Graham Beven, Partner,

Hi, I'm Graham Beven, Partner, I became an Independent Distributor with a number of Network Marketing Companies to enhance my residual earnings, giving me more time to spend doing the things I want to do. I never seemed to be able to get into any directories without paying, so I decided to do something about it and created a FREE directory for MLM distributors from any Network Marketing Company.

It is illegal for a promoter or participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme.



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