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More Multiple Streams of Income is an independent website owned and operated wholly by, a husband and wife partnership: Jean and Graham Beven. This website is not approved, related to, associated with or endorsed by any Network Marketing company.

MLM Marketing - My Advice in Network Marketing

1. Use the product(s) or service(s) yourself!

It might seem obvious that whatever network marketing business you are looking at becomming involved with you must be committed to using the product(s) or services yourself for as long as you are involved in that business. Don't expect to run before you can walk, you must know your product(s) or services inside out, that takes time and commitment.

2. Have confidence in the product(s) or service(s) yourself!

It would be near impossible to develop a potential customer if you're not gaining any benefit from, or even using the product(s) or services you are marketing yourself. If you don't have confidence in the business then that business is not for you. You will need to develop a network of affiliates or indipendent distributors like yourself too if you are going to succeed. Network Marketing does mean you need a network!

3. Talk about the product(s) or service(s) at every opportunity and listen too!

It's no good 'hiding your light under a bushel'. If your life or situation has been changed for the better by using product(s) or service(s) it is supprising how many people will listen to you, especially if they can see an opportunity to improve or change their life for the better. Don't expect everyone to 'do' what you say! Lead by example. My daughters often ask me why I'm talking to someone, I'm not just talking, I'm listening too, listening for that 'want' in their life, just in case I can supply it! Talking about your product(s) or service(s) will save you money too, on expensive marketing materials.

4. Persistence pays off!

You don't need to be tall, good looking, educated or tallented in Network Marketing as it is for all intents and purposes 'a numbers game' whether it's customer gathering or team building (I know this might upset some apple carts) Depending on the value of the product(s) or service(s) if you find when you speak to 20 people you gain a customer or new affiliate then you're doing great; if you speak to 100 people before you gain a customer or new affiliate then you're on an uphill struggle, but hey! If you're the kind of person that just keeps on going like the 'Duracell Bunny' then you'll eventually make it. Rome wasn't built in a day. Every 'No' brings a 'Yes' that bit closer!

5. Be honest but don't 'tell all'!

Always answer questions truthfully whatever the question is, whether about the product(s), service(s) or the business its self but don't brag about or over inflate the truth and never tell anyone what you earn whether they be customer or prospective affiliate what your earnings are (or what you would like them to be!) The figure you give may be 'not worth the effort' to Tom, unbelivable to Dick and unachievable to Harry!

6. The customer is always right!

The age old maxim was never more true in network marketing. A happy customer base recieving, or even a happy ex-customer who has recieved, good service is your meal ticket to a successful Network Marketing business as you never know when you'll need a referal or reccommendation or be able to re-aproach that person. Don't make enemies that can snipe away at your business from afar!

7. Tend your garden!

It doesn't matter how long you have had a customer or affiliate for that matter, the grass is always greener over the fence and they will wander off to sample it. Keep in touch with your network but don't keep digging! If you don't keep in touch they will wilt and die away. If you keep 'digging' you'll just end up with bare soil where nothing develops or grows!

8. Be flexible!

If say you find product(s) or service(s) not in the range of one Network Marketing Business that you find yourself using, gaining cnfidence with, feel you can talk to people about with confidence, then add that arrow to your quivver too! I've personally become involved in a number of Networks over the years: A utility supplier; A couple of health and wellbeing businesses; a digital photo and data safe company and even a lottery syndicate!

9. Multiple streams of income!

The Scots have a saying, 'Many a mickle macks a muckle' and that has been my phylosophy too, by getting involved in things I like doing, I find if I just do one thing I get stale, bored and become narrow minded and miss opportunities. Every day there is an opportunity to develop at least one of my multiple streams of income. A number of different streams also ensures that if one 'dries up' for any reason whatsoever, I have a safety net from the others.


Kind regards,

Graham Beven


Welcome from Graham Beven, Partner,

Hi, I'm Graham Beven, Partner, I became an Independent Distributor with a number of Network Marketing Companies to enhance my residual earnings, giving me more time to spend doing the things I want to do. I never seemed to be able to get into any directories without paying, so I decided to do something about it and created a FREE directory for MLM distributors from any Network Marketing Company.

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