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More Multiple Streams of Income is an independent website owned and operated wholly by, a husband and wife partnership: Jean and Graham Beven. This website is not approved, related to, associated with or endorsed by any Network Marketing company.

SOHO - Home business ideas that work!

It is a sad fact today, but the biggest growth area in home based business opportunities is the plethora of schemes designed to separate you, if you are unwary, from your cash.

If you doubt me, check it out, by picking up a copy of just about any publication carrying home business (work) opportunity advertising and you will still see - among other dubious offers - variations of the infamous envelope stuffing scam and other assembling 'jobs'.

First things first! Do not start sending any of your already hard earned money to companies offering any sort of 'well-paid' work - whether it be:

filling or preparing envelopes paying a £1 (or more) each; assembling things like silk roses, water filters, mobile phone covers or printed circuit boards; molding or painting model cottages, teddy bears, Olde English pubs, castles or anything of the like!

or advertised who:

supply directories of firms 'looking for genuine homeworkers'

Before you part with your money, ask them if they are willing to take the scam challenge.

It's quite simple - all they have to do is prove to you that they are genuine; that the rates they advertise are actually paid; that finished work will not be cynically rejected as not measuring up to the 'required standard' by supplying you with the names of twenty referees that currently work for them. You will only have to speak to a few of these people to get feedback.

What we would really recommend though is that you kick the idea of home working into touch and start your own small office/home office (SOHO) based business. Join the small office/home office market already full of companies with 20 employees or less, that are changing the landscape of small business.

SOHO were merely a blip on the economic radar and social horizons a decade ago but SOHO is becoming a super-nova of power and influence—and the fastest-growing part of the UK economy as bigger companies fall into receivership due to higher labour and accommodation costs as well as shrinking profit margins. There are currently over 40 million SOHO enterprises in the USA where this phenomena started - one of the few good things to come out of the USA, besides 'Rock and Roll'

With unemployment rising and government handouts being cut, the expectation is that around half a million individuals in the UK are expected to join the SOHO ranks this year!

With around £200 we know, over time you can build a business from scratch!

Yes there are going to be things to learn and new experiences to have, but once you have the confidence you can make a go of it.

On this website you will see business opportunities that work and information to help you run your SOHO business.

Welcome from Graham Beven, Partner,

Hi, I'm Graham Beven, Partner, I became an Independent Distributor with a number of Network Marketing Companies to enhance my residual earnings, giving me more time to spend doing the things I want to do. I never seemed to be able to get into any directories without paying, so I decided to do something about it and created a FREE directory for MLM distributors from any Network Marketing Company.

It is illegal for a promoter or participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme.



*SOHO Small Office/Home Office Business

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