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About Crave Energy Drink
or Not Really an Energy Drink Review

I'm not going to knock any other energy drink
as they probably do what it says on the tin,
bottle or can. But 95% of energy drinks are
either sold through great marketing or recommendation from a friend.

Now I know that if I found a monster energy drink, (I don't mean The "Monster" energy drink!) an energy drink that gave me the rockstar energy drink feeling or even the 'cocaine' energy drink. (Would it be legal?), I would expect a 'lift' energy drink to be lifting! Then if I was to believe the red bull energy drink I would have 'Wiings'. A clever advertising tool using the misspelling of a word by this market leading energy drink Red Bull drink that originated in Thailand.

The makers of Crave energy drink has sort of jumped on the same band wagon as a number of other xs energy drink manufacturers like Full Throttle energy drink, Vault energy drink, Amp energy drink, Redline energy drink, Nos energy drink, Lost energy drink and Rock Star energy drink. A well known one (in the US) is the Tab energy drink by using a 'hip' name that indicates some power or addiction, I can't apologies for them or Crave energy drink for that, as branding is branding and lets face it you will 'crave' energy drinks sometime in your busy, energy sappin' life.

Where do you go to buy Nos energy drinks? Where are you likely to see the Monster energy drink logo or find Burn energy drink? Every hour energy drinks are consumed by people who pick them up in passing at the drinks stand, vending machine or at the Railway Station, Bus Station or Airport. Can you buy in bulk and get a discount? No. Well yes you can with Crave Energy Drink.

Energy drink reviews are a good place to pick up information about your chosen energy drink label but do they really help? Are they written by the energy drink manufacturers themselves? Who knows but the chances are you'll fall back on those either sold through great marketing or recommendation from a friend, like I said in the beginning.

Adrenaline Rush is the SoBe energy drink entry into the market, how much was spent on the launch? Guaranteed it was enough to buy NOS energy drink bulk tanker loads! Or pay the world class athletes that make up Team NOS Energy Drink line-up. The best energy drink can't be Crunk Energy Drinks, can it? Crunk energy drinks who build their 'Buzz' within the target market for energy drinks, mostly male teenagers and twenty-something’s. Build their 'Buzz'! C'mon Jon Crecy (Vice-president for sales and marketing at Crunk - Crunk juice energy drink), build your 'Buzz’ indeed! What about taste?! What about value?! You might have well called it "bawls" energy drink. Ooops! Someone already did and they have even super-sized the Blue Bawls Energy Drink so it cums (sorry) comes in a 16oz Can! They say "Finally! Now you can have your Bawls Super-Sized", their words not mine. Bawls is a Guarana High Caffeine Energy Drink features a crisp, light taste that ...blah, blah.. Caffeine did I hear. No wonder these teenagers are looking for their Bawls! Remember I'm not knocking these energy drinks, I don't seem to need one and I'm in my late 50's! And as Simon Gray, managing director of Leeds-based, Boost Drinks, said: “We launched the original Boost energy drink in August 2001 to target the gap in the market...". All I can say is "Mind the Gap". Well after the target market has finished playing with Bawls it can have a Boost! Well done Boost I say.

Maybe, just maybe, there is a target audience of dog lovers out there who would like to 'Boost' their pooch or pussy! Oops again I'm getting close to the Red Line and here comes another, the Redline energy drink, one reviewer said the "Redline Energy Rush - The bottle says 'warning potent', but I have had every energy drink I could find without a problem. This Redline, made me feel like I was tweaking out hard...." I ask myself has he, and I am presuming it is a 'he', as remember the target audience for energy drinks is male teenagers and twenty-something’s. Had he partaken of every brand of energy drink, that day!!? Or had he missed off the Roaring Lion energy drink, where they have really super-sized. They say "At Roaring Lion, we designed a 3-gallon bag in the box “BnB” energy drink for those of you sick of sending your money overseas for overpriced and ...carriage. Now is that 3 Imperial gallons or 3 US gallons, 'coz guys US gallons are smaller you know. The Yanks thought there were 16 fluid ounces in a pint, like ounces in a pound... Thank the God of energy drinks that we Europeans all use the Metric System now, (don't tell George or Hillary) but I diversify!

We don't want to look at the ingredients in Amp energy drink, The Amp energy drink is made by the people that make Mountain Dew so it will be mostly water. Rip-It energy drink is called Rip-It Energy 'Fuel', a 'potent energy beverage for anyone looking for that extra' 'boost'. Rip It Energy Fuel provides a refreshing flavor with a powerful.. wait a minute this is not a medicine, is it?

Rockstar Energy Drink wants you to 'Party Like a Rockstar'! But you need to upgrade to the Flash 9 Player to view the Rockstar energy drink website and see the Rockstar energy drink logo.

Liquid Ice Energy Drink tastes the way energy should taste! No! I thought It was going to taste like DERV; liquid ice energy drink tastes better than that according to the reviews. AdvoCare Spark energy drink has been in the News: MLM and Network Marketing News that is for Home Based Business Entrepreneurs. Good on you, Spark energy drink!

There are others in the energy drink market (but I'm getting tired now): Shark energy drink, Redbull energy drink, Cocain energy drink, Bookoo energy drink, Jeff Gordon energy drink, Sparks energy drink, Mother energy drink, Hyphy energy drink or Hyphy Juice energy drink, Spike energy drink, Who’s your daddy energy drink, Von Dutch energy drink, Energy 69 drink (no sex please we're British)! Kronik energy drink, Go-Fast energy drink, Hulk Hogan energy drink, Jolt energy drink, Sum Poosie energy drink, Xyience energy drink, Blue energy drink, Rush energy drink, No-Fear energy drink, Wired energy drink, Power energy drink, Pimp Juice energy drink, Whoop Ass energy drink, Socko energy drink, Black Pearl energy drink, Relentless energy drink, Zipfizz energy drink, Impulse energy drink, 180 energy drink, Freek energy drink, SoBe No-Fear energy drink (did I mention this one before).

Well I'm knackered now and wish I had..........or do I Crave an energy drink.

"Energy Drink" Health: There are instant energy drinks with caffeine, energy drink powders and new energy drinks appearing every day (or just about).

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