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Hits 2 U - Free Wedsite Advertising is an independent website owned and operated wholly by, a husband and wife partnership: Jean and Graham Beven. This website is not approved, related, associated with or endorsed by The Vitamark company.

Vitamark in South West Wales

It doesn't matter if you live in Wales or Timbuktu, one thing is for sure; good nutrition is a healthy lifestyle's cornerstone. You can explore the Vitamark product range at home in Wales to see what products can help you start to build your new life.

Besides feeling good in ourselves, we all want to look good too, so treat your body to all Vitamark has to offer in personal care product range that applies to you, you’re sure to find something there that wows you.

In today's modern, go faster world an essential part of a continuing healthy, vibrant lifestyle is a diet rich in nutrients without piling on the pounds. Who said that controlling your weight has to be boring in Wales? Try a Vitamark cookie!


If you are a registered Vitamark Affiliate in Wales and would like to get listed here FREE send your contact details to us by email - If you can supply:

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Welcome from Graham Beven, Partner,

Hi, I'm Graham Beven, Partner, I became an Independent Distributor with Vitamark to enhance my residual earnings, giving me more time to spend doing the things I want to do.



You can start your Vitamark business from £20 (GBP) online by opening an Affiliate account. Start your Vitamark business online by opening an Affiliate account. Click the folowing link and when you follow 'Join Vitamark' - just select 'Sign-up Option' which will give you the choice of Registration - LINK - the cheapest option is just 20. That price includes your personalized website and Group Management Tool, web-based training and twelve months of business support. The annual renewal costs just 8 and if you've earned at least 70 in bonuses or have purchased 500 BP during the previous year, Vitamark waives that fee!

You just pay the postage, packing and tax


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